Tactical Advice for Surviving the Unexpected

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Survival Tips

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Crisis in America: Red Cross Issues Dire Warning

First Things to Do after SHTF
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10 Actions to Take Immediately After a Major Emergency

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Biden Weighs In On New COVID Threat

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US Troops Given Green Light to Aid Police in Potential D.C. Protests

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Black Friday Scams to Avoid

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Chinese Military Deploys Show of Force

How to Create the Ultimate Dog Out Bag
When Disaster Hits, Too Many FORGET Their Pets (ModernSurvival.org) – Dogs make excellent companions a ....Click Here to Read More

How to Create a Dog Out Bag

(ModernSurvival.org) – Pharmaceutical fentanyl is a potent pain killer often used to treat those suffe ....Click Here to Read More

Massive Stash of Fentanyl Located at Teen’s Home After Overdose Death



Survival Scenarios