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Be prepared to survive anything unknown, dangerous or just plain challenging! Please read on for news, tips, tactics, resources and skills you can learn about surviving the unexpected. Here’s to your survival!

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US Military Loses Terrifying Amount of Explosives

( – With the levels of concern in the United States over potential terrorist attacks, one would think the military wou ...Read More

Students Prepared to Fight Shooter In Michigan Massacre

( – School shootings are becoming an all-too-common issue in the United States and around the world. Recently, Oxford ...Read More

Massive Explosion Rocks City Neighborhood

( – When one is at home, they generally expect it to be a safe and secure place to be. No one ever thinks that their h ...Read More

Mariner Rescued After Being Stranded In Open Water

( – As the Roman poet Ovid so eloquently wrote, “The man who has experienced (a) shipwreck shudders even at a calm sea ...Read More

Man “Comes Back To Life” After 7 Hours In Mortuary Freezer

( – Every so often a case of extreme survival comes along that’s so bizarre that it’s honestly hard to believe. Such i ...Read More

Biden Weighs In On New COVID Threat

( – Another strain of the dreaded coronavirus has been discovered, leading many nations to initiate a new round of tra ...Read More

Family Hunting Trip Ends In Tragedy

( – Hunting is a yearly tradition for many families across the nation. While stalking game in the wild is generally sa ...Read More

Massive Storm Wakes Deadly Creatures Leaving Hundreds Injured

( – Occasionally, Mother Nature unleashes havoc the likes of which one only expects to see in a Hollywood blockbuster. ...Read More

Black Friday Scams to Avoid

( – Black Friday is arguably the biggest shopping day of the year. People line up in front of stores, waiting for a ch ...Read More

Kraft Heinz Announces Major Recall

( – When products are released to the public, they’re supposed to be safe. This is especially true for consumable prod ...Read More

Basic Firearm Safety Rules Everyone Should Know

( – With so many examples of poor firearm safety in the news recently, now is a good time to cover some basic safety r ...Read More

Police Demolish Family Home During Tense Standoff

( – No one ever expects an armed criminal to break into their home. Even if the unthinkable should happen, it’s all th ...Read More

Heartbreaking Tragedy Claims 25 Preschool Children

( – Watching tragedy befall another person is never easy. However, when children are involved, disaster tends to be fa ...Read More

Heroic Man Ends Shooting Before It Begins

( – Often, the difference between life and death in a survival situation depends on split-second decisions. Taking too ...Read More

China Caught With Mock US Warships

( – Tensions between the United States and China have been rapidly escalating recently. China claims the sovereign nat ...Read More

Dangerous Selfie Leads to Tragedy

( – In today’s world, millions of people carry cell phones with them wherever they go. Along with this luxury comes th ...Read More

Zip Line Worker Dies a Hero

( – For the most part, zip lining is a fun and safe outdoor activity that thousands of people enjoy each year. However ...Read More

New Research Suggests US Tap Water Hiding Dangerous Secrets

( – When it comes to survival, few things are as crucial as clean, drinkable water. In as few as three days, a person ...Read More

Chinese Government Gives Urgent Notice, Tells Citizens to Prepare

( – Most world governments want their citizens to be moderately prepared for a crisis. Even the Centers for Disease Co ...Read More

Father Faces Murder Charges After Rescuing Daughter, Killing Her Boyfriend

( – Every parent worries that one day, something horrible will happen to their children. In the world we live in, thos ...Read More

Gun Manufacturers Capitalize on New Slogan

( – In early October, Brandon Brown won a Nascar race in Alabama. During an interview following his victory, the crowd ...Read More

Forget Burglary, They Stole the Whole House!

( – For most homeowners, the idea of having a criminal break in and rob them is a legitimate concern. The notion of ha ...Read More

Lost Hiker Snubs Search and Rescue Efforts

( – Phone calls from unknown numbers are an annoyance that many people are far too familiar with. From unsolicited cal ...Read More

Boaters Rescue Desperate Dog Over a Mile From Shore

( – The news often shows the worst of humankind, pushing stories about violence and crime. It becomes rather dishearte ...Read More

Senior Pentagon Official Warns of Future ISIS-K, al Qaeda Attacks

( – Amidst the current political turmoil and pandemic madness, it’s easy to forget that there are still people in the ...Read More

Pastor Suspected of Human Sacrifice Dies in Police Custody

( – Religion is supposed to bring joy and comfort to those who embrace it. Unfortunately, some people weaponize faith ...Read More

Pacific Northwest Hammered by “Bomb Cyclone”

( – America’s Pacific Northwest has had a rough year. Millions of acres and thousands of buildings burned to the groun ...Read More

Police Discover Real Life House of Horrors

( – There seems to be no end to the depths of insanity some people can reach. Police in Indiana found this out firstha ...Read More

Bicyclist Hit Three Times By Same Driver Dies

( – In the concrete jungle, the need to be ever aware of one’s surroundings is critical. One wrong step, or in this ca ...Read More

Honeymoon Ends in Explosive Tragedy

( – The horrors of war claim the lives of soldiers and civilians alike. When wars end, populations rejoice as the kill ...Read More

More about Modern Survival

We encourage our readers to be prepared citizens and never rely on the government, especially in an emergency. Emergency services get pulled thin after any major disaster. Being prepared for an emergency gives first responders the ability to help more people who truly need it.

Our mission is to help people be prepared to survive anything unknown, dangerous or just plain challenging. Please read on for news, tips, tactics, resources and skills you can learn.

Here’s to your survival!