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Industry’s Unsettling Push For COVID Immunity

Industry's Unsettling Push For COVID Immunity

( – COVID-19 shocked the world with its alarming infection rate. And the social distancing extremes used to combat that is causing many economies to come to a standstill. Despite the high number of people who survive it, the fatality rate among the elderly and immuno-compromised is still a cause for concern. Medical facilities, both profit and non-profit, are struggling to keep up.

Perhaps another cause for concern is the medical industry’s call for immunity during these times. While many states have not outright said that this “immunity” from lawsuits extends to nursing homes, they also have not denied it. This comes after the death toll among nursing homes climbed to 12,000 people.

Advocates for patients say that negligent assisted living facilities could use this immunity to avoid serious consequences for their actions. The call for immunity among these establishments is a hot topic, especially after New Jersey authorities found 17 bodies in a makeshift morgue in a nursing home.

To make matters worse, families are being kept in the dark about their loved ones’ medical status — leading some to demand their family members be moved to hospitals. Chief Executive Officer of Alliance Healthcare, Mutty Scheinbaum, stated that due to patient privacy they could not release information on individual residents..

Heidi Li Feldman, a tort law expert at Georgetown University Law Center, stated that if nursing homes were protected under the immunity then so were the employees and owners. She further added that it isn’t unprecedented for people to ask to be shielded from tort, but not providing counterbalances and provisions to such immunity is not ideal.

The big question is, if everything is being done as it should, why the big push for immunity? With no personal advocates allowed inside, that seems more like blanket permission to be neglectful right until the very end.

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